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Activity comes in many shapes and forms. Some of us are better at mental challenges rather than physical ones.

But it does not end there. When you are involved in a physical pursuit that requires astuteness, then games like chess can be a great help.

For example, if you like playing football, you have to have a strategy - a game plan. You have to be able to read the game and outplay your opponent using your ingenuity and intelligence. Chess can help train and discipline your mind and help you be a better player.

Of course, you may be a complete novice at chess (or any other mental pursuit). But it is not the level of skill your achieve, it is the way your learn to apply yourself to any other activity (even outside of any sporting activity). Again, and for example, it can help you in your work life, improve your negotiating skills, etc.


There are numerous chess players who have very basic abilities and still turn out to play league games. You may have a natural talent you are not even aware of and could develop into quite a decent player.

I personally began playing chess with a few friends and work colleagues. It's not difficult, and the basic rules are quite simple. In fact, one of my former work colleagues used to beat me on a regular basis. But never say die! I joined a chess club, and became a better player. When I saw my work colleague again some years later, we played a few games. Let's just say he could not even compete with me. And I was only an average club player!

Give chess a chance. Who knows, you may come to like or even love the game!

Chess Observer


This is my football prediction website. OK, not something you can get involved with, I just lay out some stats to help guide you with Premier League matches.

This website qualifies for this part of the Wulfrunweb network because having a little punt on the football is a 'sporting activity'. After all, some folk do not have the time or energy, or motivation, to get involved in anything that requires some form of physical or mental exertion.

Predictions for Premier League games is not our only feature. When the website is eventually expanded, we shall cover more about the subject of football. This will then better qualify this website as part of the network. Of some interest, we also bring football news on our 'footiefeed' page from four different sources. It's worth a look.

Please also stay tuned into this website if your like football. We intend to bring you a lot more than the current content.

PS. The name, 'Footie Index'. It's a play on words ('FTSE Index'). Footie Index, for those who do like a punt, may be useful for gamblers - or if your prefer, 'investors'!

Footie Index


Information about horse racing within a radius of around 30-40 miles of Wolverhampton.

Basic details about each racecourse and the type of racing that takes place there. Plus all the maps and contact telephone numbers you need.

Please bookmark this handy guide if you plan to go racing!

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