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Fed up with politics and politicians? Don't fret. You are likely a participant in the country's fastest growing sentiment!

So what exactly is 'Browned Off'?

The idea here is to try and introduce some humour into an environment which makes most people feel nauseous. Why? We are relatively powerless to prevent politicians when they are elected into power by a deceived or self-interested electorate. So, let's highlight some of the iniquities of the over-privileged and over-rated characters that make up the Houses of Parliament and the people and organisations that work for them.

Browned Off is divided into categories. You will see from the website menu that different 'brown elements' refer to political parties or affiliations thereof.


The simple answer is NO!

Some of our humour is a bit 'pronounced', but never over-exaggerated! It may seem a bit too much, but give it time, and some of our interpretations gain credibility (yes, sadly!).

Try to understand, and hopefully enjoy.

Browned Off


Also known as Spike Milligan.

What can we see about one of entertainment's most unusual comedians?

We could tell you that he almost won World War II single-handedly. He was the scourge of Hitler, Mussolini, etc. His name was feared by his enemies. Never has one man had such an impact upon a war than Spike. He was a super-hero, a legendary fighter, he was everything we all aspire to be!

Well ... actually, no. I wouldn't say any of these things. But his impact upon the enemy in the last world war was notable. Some incidents were unforgiveable, or regrettable. Regardless, Spike was definitely an original and there was nobody like him (and some of his war-time victims will say 'thank God').

Spike brought many things to the war, and most were forgettable - or regrettable. But Spike was definitely an original and there was nobody like him (thank God).

You are no longer with us Spike, and you are sadly missed. Now we have to deal with situations that demand logic, common sense and sanity. You challenged all of these - and with some success. How will we cope without you?

Terence Milligan


Where fiction sometimes reveals, or becomes fact!

Those who wield power in this world fear us. They tremble at our revelations and predictions.

Fakir News has two interpretations. Firstly, it is a play on the words 'fake news'. It also happens to be quite prophetic at times.

What can we learn from this website? Well, we can learn how some people may act when endowed with free expression. The fact they are restrained does not mean we do not know what they are really thinking.

We also reveal stories that may be hidden from the public. No harm in guessing, is there?

Fakir News is ground-breaking in it's conception. Or should we say misconception? Those who fear us would prefer us to be subjected to contraception.

So! Enjoy! Take our news with a pinch of salt, or more likely a large handful. But in time, we may be proven to be 100% correct in our assertions!

Fakir News