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Why are you not EASILY saving AND making money?

Not bothered? Honestly? Happy to throw away £££s?

Make money, get deals, offers, etc. NEVER pay 'middlemen' to do SIMPLE jobs when you are MORE THAN CAPABLE of doing the same jobs YOURSELF!

Example: Are you using a 'switching' service to change your utility provider (our system may even be easier)?


It is so simple to use our services - and YOU keep the commission for switching! Why give YOUR commission to someone else? What are YOU waiting for?

For example! FREE £50 CREDIT! FREE £5 CREDIT! MORE FREE £££s .. stay posted!

Our money-saving and money-making website ...

Reward My Switch


Would you like an internet presence? Do not wish to pay VAT (Value Added Tax)?

You can run an internet-based company from anywhere in the world. Even when you supply from a UK source, you website can be anywhere!

A domain name which specifies your country of supply does not have to be in the UK. A, or a .uk domain name can be registered anywhere in the world.

While your physical products will be subjected to whatever trading regulations exist in your country of supply, this is where the story ends.

You can have a domain name, website, email, etc. - and all overseas where you will instantly save 20% (at the current UK rate).

Technical support? Yes. Competitive prices? Yes. FREE Website Builder? Yes. Free Domain Name Privacy? Yes. You have come to the right place!

Vat-Free Host


Which diet? Arrgghhh!

The first rule of dieting is to forget the word diet (in any way, shape or form). Words such as 'diet' can instantly strike fear into some people.

We prefer to use words such as 'lifestyle'. Forget the 'D' word. Focus on what makes you happy, or comfortable, or just keeps you satisfied.

Many of us become less than satisfied with our bodies because of various circumstances. Do not wait until your situation becomes a a crisis to do something positive.

It's all about parameters. How many people just have no rules and do not care because they think changing their life is too much trouble? Who says you have to make major changes to the way you live. 'Snowballing' is the answer!

Imagine standing at the top of a very steep snow-covered hill. Imagine that at the bottom you need to have accumulated enough snow to make a massive snowball.

It just requires a bit of effort to get started. Roll-up a small snowball in your hand and place it on the ground. Using a little effort, roll it downhill a little at a time. Eventually, momentum will occur. That little snowball is now gaining size and free-rolling it's way down the hillside.

That's how you change your life. Just a little effort to get going and the rest will eventually come naturally. So let's forget short-term targets that so often fail. Let's focus on making little changes that can have ongoing and long-term effects.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (interpretation of a famous Chinese proverb). You do not have to go a thousand miles to have a happier and healthier lifestyle.

In fact, you will find it quite an easy journey once commenced and may be a lot shorter than you think it will be!

So Many Diets (to be ready later this year)


Want a new, snazzy and snappy t-shirt? In fact, more than a t-shirt, a variety of tops and in different colours!

There is a website that can do this for you. It begins here at Kuda Gila.

Organic cotton? Got it. Good quality material? Got it. Different tops / styles? Got it. Numerous colours? Got it.

All you have to do is design your own things - or just download a decent quality photo or image and have it printed on the top of your choice.

Great support and fast delivery!

The only thing you need to remember is that the size of your uploaded image has to be of very good quality. Decide how wide your design should be, make sure it is 600 DPI (Dots Per Inch), and off you go!

When we eventually launch our website to promote these tops, we shall include a guide to make it much easier to understand design issues. We shall be here to help!

Kuda Gila (under construction)


To coin a phrase - we are selling coins. At least for starters!

The title says it all. This website will be about anything we find of interest that is of value, or simply costs 'about a £1'.

First up is to dispose of some UK coins. We are building up a selection of coins from anywhere between a penny or two, up to £2 (or maybe more depending on issue).

We shall then move onto the real purpose of this website. It will take some time, but we'll get there. Please be patient.

Anyway, if you have a 'thing' about collecting coins, take a look at our growing collections. Maybe there is something you see you like and wish to purchase.

Have a nice day!

About A Pound (partly-ready soon)