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Is your bank account secure?

Too many people will not follow simple rules and practices. Hopefully, we can accumulate everything you need to know.

There are occasional tips and advice on various websites (Government, financial, etc.) giving basic advice on banking security.

We are here to wrap them all up into one package. In fact, we shall even go further than the everyday advice that you see and hear.


Everything we advise is NOT going to contain links. We do not believe in this particular environment you should trust links that could just about lead anywhere!

We are sincere, but that is our rule and one you should observe closely on financial / banking matters.

We shall start work on this website sometime soon. It will be FREE advice and absolutely nothing is expected in return.

Bank Raid


OMG! What are you eating?

I see few people, very few, who seems to consider what they are putting in their body.

Most will say they do not enough time to read labels on food items or investigate issues that could impact upon their health. Essentially, they put their blind faith in the establishment not to poison, mislead, or lie to them. Oh dear!

Labelling of food is an art that is exploited by producers. TV advertisements are some of the worst offenders. How many people are taken in by emotional, sentimental and puerile advertisements?

But it's not just about food. It's about the environment in general. It's one thing to live in a world where you are aware of, or suspect, dangers to your life. It's another thing to be unaware of exactly how much danger you and your children are in.

This is a big topic. It will take time to construct the website - but it will arrive one day. At least we have got you starting to think. Please stay posted for updates.

Breakfast In Hell


... wants you to THINK!

One of the best lessons you will learn in life is that we are all deceived on a daily basis. Ergo, you have to question everything that comes before you.

So who, or what, do you put your faith in? Difficult question, and one that is not easily answered. Someone once said "consider everything, believe nothing". These are wise words.

Whatever we do, we have to chose a path through life. We could just let ourselves be led by those who think they know what is best for us - but are their motives good or bad?

A lot depends on the politics involved. On issues where it is felt we should be deceived, then we shall be deceived. On mundane everyday issues, there is not need to lie, to mislead.

So! I present to you my ongoing collection of 'meme's'. They are not there to influence you one way or another, they are there to get you thinking about the world around you.

In closing I say this: it's a shame that so many people do not question what they see and experience on a daily basis. They prefer to remain as part of the 'zombie' culture. This culture is one where many cannot be bothered to learn the truth, or at least attempt to learn the truth. These are the people who just swallow everything the establishment presents to them on a daily basis. Sad, isn't it?

Christopher Silverthorne


Do you know much about fluoride?

Bombardment. An avalanche of toothpaste and oral products containing fluoride. Than there is fluoridated water.

This is something I have researched for 13 years. Yes, 13!

As with our sister website, Breakfast In hell, this is something you really need to read about

Do NOT just accept the blatantly political and corrupted / ill-educated claims about fluoride. Go to our website and learn!

This website is more-or-less a static one that is updated perhaps a few times a year (at best). But there is a plethora of useful facts hosted on the site.

If you REALLY care about your health, then this is a must-visit experience.



We are mulling over the exact content of this website.

It's going to take time to finalise anything here. But we include it as it is an important subject. Basically, it's going to be about human rights.

We shall be ready by the back end of 2019 - hopefully!

No Humanity


As the title says - read your newspaper!

One of our older websites, this provides links to national daily publications and many regional sources.

There is also other useful advice and the website is designed so that it serves as a useful source of information to those overseas.

It could be you work overseas, on holiday, or whatever. We go beyond the newspapers and bring you handy links to provide help when needed.

Please note though that some of the regional links are a few years old. Please, if your can, report any broken links to us.

Hoping you enjoy and find the website useful.

Happy holiday ... or whatever!

Read Your Newspaper


Not so much unreported, more like little reported, or from overseas.

Some very intriguing news stories are reported, and then pulled due to pressure from 'other sources'.

Some stories are reported only in other countries or just locally (anywhere in the world). If we think they should be circulated further, we shall publish them here.

There is an ongoing campaign to suppress some sensitive news, but that does not mean you should not know what is being restricted. In fact, if a story is pulled, chances are it will be big news!

There is no restriction to what we publish. Any and all topics of importance (in our opinion) will appear here. And if we cannot publish full articles due to copyright issues, we shall at least give you some idea of what is being restricted or even withdrawn.

Please note that this website originally focussed upon the abuse of state-dependant people (disabled, sick, unemployed, etc.). The original website remains intact until we construct a new more meaningful website. The current content will not disappear though. It will be archived.

Unreported Story